The Challenge of Occupying America

Genesis 26:18-22
Black History

"This non-violent mass movement against corporate dominance called Occupy America is the new civil rights platform. Those who once thought they had a chance of reaping their fair share of the American pie have now conceded that the pie is only sliced for the 1%, while the 99% go hungering. Oddly enough, many of these same protestors stood on the sidelines in silence when it was the African-Americans and the Latinos who were begging for pie. But if we have learned nothing else, we've learned that if politics makes strange bedfellows, so does poverty. The movement of a cry for economic justice can now be heard across every racial and ethnic line, as Americans press for equal access. If Wall Street is the well that spews out the essential elements necessary for America's survival, then the question is: Who owns the well?"


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