Breaking Thru to the New You! - Part One

You'll love this new bible study series that takes your students step-by-step through God's Plan for their lives. Watch as they break through to a new commitment, a new attitude, a new walk and a new dedication to duty! (each lesson includes both a Teacher and a Student Copy).
This three-part series, with a total of thirteen lessons, contains the following:


  • Lesson 1 - Your Purpose in God's Creation
  • Lesson 2 - Your Power to Start Over
  • Lesson 3 - Your Source for Transformation
  • Lesson 4 -Your Journey as One of God's People
PART TWO - To be released in APRIL
  • Lesson 5 - Your Legacy for the Next Generation
  • Lesson 6 - Your Call to Create a Christian Community
  • Lesson 7 - Your Call to Live Under the New Covenant
  • Lesson 8 - God's Promise to Keep Your Hope Alive
  • Lesson 9 - God's Plan to Create a Renewed Trust
PART THREE - To be released in MAY
  • Lesson 10 - God's New Approach to His Old Rules
  • Lesson 11 - God's Design for Your New Body
  • Lesson 12 - God's Plan for the New Improved You
  • Lesson 13 - God's Vision of One Family in Christ


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