Journey to Life in Christ - Part One

An in-depth study series of the entire book of Ephesians; authored by Paul of Tarsus, the imprisoned Bridge-Builder. Take the same spiritual journey the Ephesians took with Paul back in 62 A.D. Part One of this series of 14 lessons includes both teacher and student copies.

Part One

  • The Praise Journey
  • The Prayer Journey
  • The Paid Up Journey
  • The Peace Journey

Part Two - for release in August 2012
  • A Purposeful Walk
  • A Petitioning Walk
  • A Unifying Walk
  • A Transformational Walk
  • A Polished Up Walk

Part Three - for release in Sept. 2012
  • How to Walk in Love and Light
  • How to Sing in a Strange Land
  • How to Have a Happy Home
  • How to Walk in Obedience
  • How to Suit Up for Battle


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