Covenant Keepers

"Part One of a three-part bible study series of God's Covenant with His followers.
Part One contains the first four lessons:
  • The Ark - A Symbol of God's Covenant Promise
  • Building Your Covenant Foundation
  • Knowing Your Covenant Purpose
  • Trusting God's Covenant Promise

Part Two - for release in May 2013

  • Mending a Broken Covenant
  • Embracing Your Covenant Convictions
  • Refusing to Break Your Covenant Promise
  • Living the Covenant without Compromise

Part Three - For release in June 2013

  • Leaning on God's Covenant Promise
  • Rebuilding Your Covenant Relationship
  • Following a Covenant Leader
  • Holding Up Your End of the Covenant Relationship
  • Restoring and Renewing Your Covenant with Christ


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