Who Is This?

Matthew 21:1-11
Palm Sunday
Three Point>br> Jesus Christ

Jesus is history's most familiar figure, yet he is the man no one knows. His impact on the world is immense and non-accidental. · He is the One who made humility a coveted virtue. · He is the One who introduced the necessity of forgiveness. · He is the One who gave children and women their equality in a world dominated by men. · He is the One whose compassion is the foundation for hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages. · He is even the One who keeps schools, courthouses, and banks closed on Sunday. · He is the One who taught slaves the Kings English, with the only book they were permitted to read&His Word. Jesus has all of this impact on our world, and yet millions still do not know Him.

From the Dark Ages to our 21st century world, He is the Man who just won't go away. And yet . . .


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