A Sermon for Skeptics

Acts 2:22-41
Relationship with God
Three Point

If youve been paying close attention to these scriptures as I read them, I scarcely have to preach today. Peter has done it all for me. You know Peter. Hes the disciple with the dual personality. First, he cut off the ear of a soldier who is tried to arrest Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. And then, just hours later, he is the disciple who denied knowing Jesus three times on the night they dragged Jesus from court to court and whipped him mercilessly.

Now we see a different Peter, a resolute convert, a devoted disciple whose faith will not budge. Gone is the gangster with the knife who would cut off your ear at the least provocation. Gone is the coward with excuses who ran into the dark streets of Jerusalem to hide from his accusers. What brought about the change in Peter?


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