Our Bread Connection

Luke 24:13-35
Three Point

A man suffering with a debilitating handicap moved into an assisted living complex. He visited the Sunday-morning worship services at a nearby church. The sermon title was Gratitude: The Hearts Memory. The preacher reminisced about his own walk with the Lord, his conversion, the cool waters of his baptism, the people who had believed in him, and how God was with him when he accepted the call to ministry. But he confessed that he was unsure that God could use such an ordinary man to do such extraordinary work. That last part got to the handicapped man. He was certain that he could no longer be of any use to God. He was recovering from an injury that would leave him unemployable and suffering from chronic pain. It was a prescription for failure.

But when the Deacon handed him the cup and bread that symbolized Christs blood and broken body, and whispered 'Remember!' that single word consumed the him. Sitting there, reflecting over his life, he remembered...


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