Off the Hook

Acts 7:55-60
Mothers Day

Back in the 1950's, "off the hook" meant that your telephone receiver was not on the cradle. But landlines...that's what we call home telephones now...are becoming a thing of the past, and the words "off-the-hook" have long since taken on new meaning. In the 1970's, "off the hook" meant that you were a bit detached from the world, or your elevator didn't quite go to the top. In the early 2000's, "off-the-hook" was changed to "off-the-chain". And to make matters worse, it took on two meanings, depending on how you used it. It could mean good crazy, or it could mean bad crazy. Crazy, huh?

Today's "Off-the-Hook" sermon title takes us back to the sixties. Your momma knows what it meant back then. It meant...


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