A Sober Drunk

Acts 2:1-7 and 13-21
Holy Spirit
Three Point

I know what you are saying about the title of my sermon. It sounds like an oxymoron, two opposing words placed adjacent to each other, like the Beatles song, A Hard Days Night, or referring to a woman as being a LITTLE PREGNANT. How about these: bad health, balding hair, civil war, peaceful force! Its surprising how many of these oxymora we spew out, AND completely UNDERSTAND!

The title of my text today is certainly an oxymoron&A SOBER DRUNK. The question that instantly comes to mind is, How can someone who is drunk be sober? Or how can someone who is sober be drunk? When youre drunk you are unreliable, weak, obstinate, contrary, needy, dependent, and playing with half a deck. And when you are sober you are steadfast, strong, amenable, agreeable, self-controlled, and your elevator goes all the way to the top. The two just dont mix.

Nevertheless, the men in our biblical text today were...


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